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Hair Loss Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

Serving People in Hyderabad - Book Online Now For many years hair fall has been associated as being more common amongst men. Research, however, indicates that 40 percent of hair fall patients are women. At Lucas salon, we understand the impact hair fall can have on the physical appearance and overall emotional well-being of those affected by the condition.,

There are various factors that impact hair growth and alopecia. By identifying the underlying cause of balding or thinning hair, our team can take the first step towards developing an appropriate treatment plan. Contact Lucas Chinappa today to book your consultation!”


Hair Growth Hair is far more complex than it looks, covering almost every surface of the body. Each person is born with an average of five million hair follicles of which one million are on the head and 100,000 are on the scalp. Hair follicles do not continue to grow, in fact, as our bodies grow and stretch, the number of hair follicles per inch decreases. The hair grows about half a millimeter a day. Hair growth happens in three phases: 1. Anagen: the growth phase that can last four to six years. 2. Catagen: the degradation phase that occurs between two to four weeks. 3. Telogen: the resting phase that lasts between two to four months. People who struggle to grow their hair beyond a certain length can attribute this to a short anagen phase. Aging and hormones are also known to be the two main factors that impact the hair growth cycle.


Causes of Hair Loss There are many causes. Some may result in a gradual loss of hair, or hair thinning out, or a sudden loss of hair. In Hyderabad, our certified Salon at Lucas salon will examine the hair to determine whether any one of the below may be the cause of hair loss. • Androgenetic alopecia • Age • Chemotherapy • Childbirth, illness, or other stressors • Haircare and hairstyles • Hormonal imbalance • Scalp infections • Scalp psoriasis • Medication • Scarring alopecia • Sexually transmitted infections • Thyroid disease • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies • Friction • Poison • Trichotillomania Treatment Options Determining the cause of hair loss will help your dermatologist with identifying the best treatment plan to help with hair growth or restoration. Your treatment options may include: • Changing hair care • At-home treatments such as monoxide and lasers for at-home use • Micro needling • Laser therapy • Hair transplants • Cortisone injections • Platelet-rich plasma • Prescription medication • Vitamin and mineral supplements • Wigs and congealers It is possible to prevent and treat this condition with the help of Lucas Chinappa and his team at Lucas Salon, with limited risks. Their compassion, experience and skills have helped many people restore their self-confidence and self-esteem thanks to an appropriate hair restoration treatment plan. We Can Help Those Affected by Hair Loss Call us at 97039 72666 or schedule an appointment and take the first step in addressing your hair loss concerns and treatment options. We serve People in Building 1 K.Raheja I.T. Park, Inovies Street, HUDA Techno Enclave, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081.