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About Yasmin Chinappa

Yasmin Chinappa isn’t just a styling expert; she is a guide to innumerable ladies who depend on them to bring out the best in themselves.

The pioneer in hair and makeup for the last10 years,she aspires to transmute the ordinary definition of a salon into a realm of fanciful styling.

Her vision to expose every woman to their underlying beauty and highlight their perfections with pride is something every woman is left empowered by. Her consistent popularity and growthis theproduct of her expertise in diversified hairstyles and makeup looks which work wonders for all skin types.

Yasmin leaves no room for imperfection. If you are looking for makeup from best in the glamour industry, Yasmin will do some eye-popping work for you! With several prime locations of their salon across the city, Yasmin and her salon services avail itself to people living in distinctive areas to seek makeup assistance from their professionals.

Whether you are hunting for a bridal makeup look or a minimalistic look, the expertise of Yasmin’s salon offers everything on the plate to you. They also have separate price plans for different makeup looks which draw the attention of all types of people looking for perfect makeup look on a budget.

Bridal makeup is a segment in a makeup artist’s repertoire from ethnic, to glamorous, to contemporary, makeup artists are now an important part of wedding planning.

Amidst all the version of fabulous makeup looks, her classy bridal look is a favourite in the list. With highly equipped tools, luxury makeup products, and hygienic techniques, she provides excellent bridal looks that are an instant eye-catcher.

Known for a classy bridal look,Yasmin customizes bridal looks that never fails to mesmerize the beholder as every cut on the face is intricately defined. She also uses colour correctors and hygienic skincare products to ensure that the makeup doesn’t dampen the skin by any means.